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August 24, 2020

Now more than ever, it’s vital to have clear, collective company values. PAC’s values are a set of ideals that don’t merely describe who we are and what we stand for—they’re visible in our actions.  Simple, succinct and direct, these values embody the spirit of our outcome-focused organization and ensure our partners, clients, and fellow team members understand the high ethical and moral standard to which we proudly hold ourselves. PAC takes great pride in delivering operational results to the warfighter; this requires an unwavering commitment to highly-capable, operationally conversant staff. Finding staff with this focus and commitment can be tedious in a tight labor market but— be that as it may— we are not willing to waver for the sake of maintaining filled positions.

1. Integrity: Our team is comprised of highly-skilled and experienced individuals, many of whom complete the bulk of their tasking with little-to-no oversight. Across PAC, everyone is accountable for accurate and effective reporting, ensuring our customers receive exceptional value. We know that a steadfast and reliable reputation is essential to earning our clients’ trust, and we won’t settle for anything less.  

2. Professionalism: We believe that the value of professionalism in the work environment cannot be overstated. Our employees are supported from the highest levels of our organization, with ample training and professional development opportunities available to them. PAC continually seeks projects in niche areas of expertise – thus attracting highly capable, operationally conversant staff trained in the latest-and-greatest in their fields. This ensures our partners receive exceptional reliable support, delivered with the highest level of care. PAC also understands that professionalism extends to our online presence as well. We take pride in the level of service we offer, and have invested in the overhaul of our website, branding, and marketing materials to better help our clients and partners get to know us.

3. Flexibility: PAC anticipates that our customers’ needs are constantly evolving. We provide innovative management and delivery strategies that flex with an individual project’s requirements. We’ve utilized virtual teams and a global workforce spread across time zones since our inception in 2004, and we’re proficient in working together to accomplish tasks across great distances. While we believe in flexibility to serve our clients, we know that same value extends to our team members as well. PAC truly values the well-being of our employees, offering competitive benefits packages and support to our team members. We’re a family-oriented company that understands the importance of work/life balance, and we’re committed to helping our staff meet both their professional and personal goals.

We hope this has helped you get to know PAC a little better! To schedule a visit or speak to someone about how we could serve your team, click HERE.


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