Meet the team: Adam Thornthwaite

August 7, 2022

Adam Thornthwaite is PAC’s Initial Common Support Infrastructure (ICSI) Technical Supervisor. Based in Williamtown, he looks after our Field Service Technicians (FSTs) to ensure they have what is required to keep ICSI running — “which they do to an exceptional level!” he highlights.

Before joining PAC in January 2022, Adam served for 16 years in the Navy and the RAAF. He was quickly promoted in the Air Force—it took only six years to advance from Leading Aircraftman (LAC) to Sergeant (SGT). But he says this is not his greatest accomplishment. “In all honesty, I feel more accomplishment in seeing those around me succeed. And I wouldn’t have had half of my success in my career if it wasn’t for the support I’ve received from my wife, Kate”.

He’s supremely qualified for his role nowadays after years of working within the Data Link world across all versions. “Enabling users with the ability to control, navigate and share track data in real-time among different platforms, nations and even weapon systems is impressive. How can you not love it?”. At PAC, what Adam enjoys the most about his job is watching the maintainers, users, and himself grow their knowledge and skillsets together as one team:

“It’s beyond satisfying. I love seeing members of ICSI achieve their goals. Their wins are my wins”.

When asked what advice he would give his younger self, he promptly said, “nothing! Back to the Future has taught me if I speak to my younger self, I jeopardise changing my future, risking where I am now!”—that’s a smart move!

When not working, Adam enjoys relaxing with his wife and the kids and watching the kids play netball and rugby. He also likes to gather with his family and friends for some much-coveted smoked meats. “That’s if I get it right. Otherwise, it’s Dominos”.

PAC is proud to have a high-skilled veteran like Adam Thornthwaite on our team, delivering exceptional work for our Information Domain Exchange capability. 

At PAC, we constantly recruit amazing people like Adam. Check our current opportunities here or send an Expression of Interest to (AUS Division) or (USA Division).

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