Going to School for Solar Energy posted a story this morning about Cogenra Solar announcing plans to build a solar cogeneration array at Tucson’s University of Arizona (UA). Looks like UA will be the first United States university to benefit from solar cogeneration, which provides two sources of energy: heat and electric.

College dormitories, and other facilities needing large amounts of hot water, are ideal candidates for solar cogeneration. The roof-mounted solar array will provide electricity and hot water for the UA students living there. Dr. Gilad Almogy, Cogenra CEO, said, “With solar cogeneration, PV waste heat is harvested to provide domestic hot water needs, displacing valuable natural gas while cooling the PV cells for optimal performance in the desert conditions.”

More and more colleges and universities around the world are offering alternative energy degree programs, and turning renewable energy theory into practical applications in daily life on campus. It looks like today’s students are receiving a real-world education before entering the so-called “real world”!

Thanks to @EasyGreenEnergy for the MarketWatch re-tweet this morning!

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