Meet the team: Brad Lynch

Brad Lynch started his PAC journey in 2020 as an IT Security Specialist and is now one of our talented Cyber Security Architects. Working for the Cyber Security capability, his primary responsibilities are assessing processes and security controls relating to various information systems through the InfoSec Registered Assessors Program (IRAP). In addition, he supports maturity level assessments and develops remediation plans to help respective organisations reach their desired cyber security state.

Before PAC, Brad served the RAAF for almost a decade as a Network Technician. Initially, he was posted to No 1 Combat Communication Squadron to manage deployable networks. Moving to 81 Wing, he worked on the information systems to support the Joint Strike Fighter. He also expanded his considerable talent to support deployed assets. Brad mentions that his time as the IT Lead at the Heron UAV detachment in Kandahar (Afghanistan) was the work he’s most proud of. “We had an unbelievable team of passionate and skilled people there, and you could see the positive impact made.”

At PAC, what he likes most is the required continuous learning:

“Technology and threats change quickly. You need to have a passion and treat it more like a hobby. Thankfully, I enjoy it, so it never feels like work.” 

This passion evolved early in his life. His father worked as a computer technician on the systems that ran fuel pipelines around Australia. “He bought a second-hand Commodore 64 when I was about 6yo, and it had a book detailing how to write your own games. Looking back, I’d say it was a guide to the programming language BASIC. I had no idea what I was typing, but I could turn lines of commands into this tank which I could move around the screen and shoot blocks with, which made me really happy.” 

Still talking about his younger self, Brad said he should have considered joining the Defence Force earlier. “I enjoyed my time with the Air Force. I didn’t have much direction when I was younger, and the RAAF gave me focus. Although having a bit more maturity in the junior ranks is definitely a benefit.”

When not working, Brad enjoys any kind of Capture The Flag, a popular computer security competition. He’s been on the Hack The Box platform for four years, and a lot of his time is still spent there – he was ranked third place in Australia but is aiming for first! Some of Brad’s hobbies include random coding projects, playing around on Kaggle and working with Tensorflow. Luckily, he found a wife who could cope with his addiction to IT: “it’s a pretty big accomplishment in itself!” Whenever he needs to disconnect, he will find a woodworking project or something hands-on to build – that’s what we call an all-rounder!

PAC is proud to have a high-skilled veteran like Brad Lynch on our team, delivering exceptional work for our Cyber Security capability.

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