Meet the team: Jodi Denovan

Working for PAC since January 2022, Jodi Denovan is one of the Integrated Logistics Specialists supporting our Initial Common Support Infrastructure (ICSI) team in Williamtown. Before transitioning to the civilian workforce, she served as Logistics Specialist in the RAAF for 15 years.

Jodi is incredibly proud of her time in the Air Force, but she also had the courage to step out of the military to pursue her long-term goals. She admits it’s hard to leave a great organisation after such a long period. The mindset of being in control of your life is something that Jodi would tell her younger self—”if you put your mind to anything, you can achieve everything”.

Jodi was very selective when searching for opportunities after leaving the RAAF. Her position with PAC allowed her to continue supporting our troops while enjoying the flexibility of a successful work-life balance. “PAC supports Defence in the communication link between aeroplanes, vessels and ground equipment—basically, the across all airspace while jets fly. I’m doing a similar role to the one I did in Defence, but I’m not wearing the uniform.”

At PAC, the most exciting part of her job is working in a highly-skilled, professional and friendly team, including making changes to improve the Information Exchange Domain capability. On the other hand, it’s different when dealing with various stakeholders: “I love it, but I just want to get on and help our customers, so I can be like a bull at a gate”, Jodi confesses with a wry smile.

Outside work hours, she enjoys running along the beach and spending time with her family.

PAC is proud to have a high-skilled veteran like Jodi on our team who delivers exceptional work for our Information Domain Exchange capability.

At PAC, we constantly recruit amazing people like Jodi. Check our current opportunities here or send an Expression of Interest to (AUS Division) or (USA Division).

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