PAC in Support to Enhance ADF Amphibious Capability

The Australian Defence Force (ADF) is in the process of evolving its amphibious capability to achieve a standing and scalable joint force capable of executing the full spectrum of amphibious operations. This represents a significant enhancement to the ADF’s ability to conduct expeditionary operations in the region and will provide a strategic shaping effect as well as response options for emerging regional crisis or contingencies.

In support of this capability, Pacific Aerospace Consulting (PAC) is pleased to announce the award of Rapid Prototyping Developing & Evaluation’s Amphibious Warfare Analyst activity. PAC has brought a subject matter expert from the US with significant US Navy and analytic research experience into Australia to support the activity.  By connecting this bridge from the US to Australia, PAC is able to bring a unique perspective to the team in achieving greater success for each of the three stages of this task.

Pacific Aerospace Consulting is located in several areas throughout the United States and Australia.  PAC provides subject matter expertise in Aviation Engineering, Airworthiness, Certification, Simulation, Mission Planning, C4 (TDL), Air/Land Integration and Program Management.

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