Upcoming Renewable Energy Conferences & Expositions

Here are some renewable energy conferences and expositions on tap for Winter, Spring, and Summer 2012:

Renewable Energy World Conference & Expo, North America, 14 – 16 February 2012, Long Beach, CA, USA

Solar Power Australia 2012, 28 February – 01 March 2012, Chifley on Lennons, Brisbane, QLD

Building Energy 2012, 6 – 8 March 2012, Boston, MA, USA

World Renewable Energy Forum, 13 – 17 May 2012, Denver, CO, USA

Renewable Energy World – Europe, 12 – 14 June 2012, KoelnMesse, Cologne, Germany

Clean Energy Council Clean Energy Week 2012, 25 – 27 July 2012, Sydney Convention and Exhibition Centre, Sydney, AUS

European Photovoltaic Solar Energy Conference & Expo 2012, 24 – 28 September, 2012, Frankfurt, Germany

These are just a few of the major national and international conferences planned for 2012 so far. Numerous feeder events and activities exist at regional and local levels around the world. Check them out and get involved!

If you can’t find an aspect of renewable energy in which to participate, accept the challenge. Contact several local companies and government agencies, and start your own! If you try but fail, the worst you have done is bring a greater awareness of the benefits of renewable energy in your area, and the need to work together toward common goals.

That’s not a bad consequence of failure.

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