What can we do about rising gas prices?

How about choosing a fuel made from bio-gas instead of crude oil?

Rosemary Ostfeld, contributor to Green Patent Blog, published a story today that describes a process invented by Primus Green Energy of Hillsborough, New Jersey that converts biomass into 93-octane fuel.

The company currently produces several kilograms of  gasoline per hour at a pilot plant in Hillsborough, New Jersey.

Primus Green Energy Plant, Hillsborough, New Jersey

Under construction is a $12 million continuous demonstration plant which will produce 30 kg of gasoline each hour.

In 2013, Primus Green Energy expects to begin construction on a commercial plant expected to produce as much as 4.5 million gallons of bio-gasoline annually.

Even if oil prices drop, Dr. George Boyajian, Primus Green Energy’s VP of Business Development, says that the biomass conversion process is efficient enough to produce a greater yield, making biomass fuel competitive and an attractive long-term alternative.

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