Women in Aviation and Aerospace

Women_Aviation_AerospaceDoes a lack of gender diversity still exist in the aviation and aerospace industries?  Survey says yes.  According to the Aviation/Aerospace Australia industry association the areas of aviation and aerospace are still perceived as “male dominated” and female participation remains low.  The organization Women in Aviation/Aerospace Australia (an initiative of A/AA) work hard to promote diversity and empower women in the industry through awareness, opportunity and increased recognition across the nation.  Their efforts have no doubt helped women leaders propel to the top in Australia’s airlines, airports, aerospace manufacturers, regulators and industry bodies.  Australia has made huge improvements over the last decade in female involvement in the aviation and aerospace sector but the battle is not yet over.  The battle truly continues all over the world, according to the BBC today women in China are barred from even applying for the subject of aerospace engineering, this needs to change!

PAC believes in what Women in Aviation/Aerospace Australia does and support them by helping spread the word.  Monday 18 November 2013 WA/AA’s National Summit will bring together industry professionals to discuss the issues affecting gender diversity in the sector and build a way forward to address the issues.  Click here for more information on how you can participate.  Click here for a peak at their “Beyond the Glass Ceiling Publication” showcasing just a few amazing women who prove to be great role models!

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