To plan for Solar Power Gen 2013 in San Diego, CA. It will be held 13-15 February, 2013. And I’m not talking only about registering to attend. Abstracts for papers can be submitted here until June 22, 2012.

According to this AP via Yahoo News story, $1 billion ghost town is planned for a 15-square mile area in Lea County, near Hobbs, New Mexico. The goal is to provide a safe location for research projects for next-generation applications. Sam Cobb, Hobbs Mayor, said the research facility will look just like an empty city […]

Well, not exactly. I know it was installed in 2010, and I know it’s really a JF Electric commercial, but it’s still cool to watch the installation of solar panels and inverters in this time-lapse video … [youtube=]

Something exciting is happening at one of my favorite travel destinations. Of course, I’m talking about China Lake, California, located in the relatively remote Western Mojave Desert region of the state. When I was a flight tester for the US Department of Defense based out of Patuxent River, Maryland, I looked forward to trips to […]

My uncle (who’s approaching 80) once told me about growing up in a rural farm house without indoor plumbing. When he was a boy, the family’s toilet was an outhouse. He said he remembers his mom’s reaction upon hearing his dad’s plans to install a bathroom in the house. She was horrified and deeply offended. […]

Outside Online magazine has a fascinating article on renewable energy and front-line fighting with the United States Marines. Back in 2003 during the second Iraq war in 2003, General James Mattis commanded the 1st Marine Division during their initial drive into Baghdad, and found his division repeatedly outpacing their own fuel resupply. They were required to reduce […]

Solyndra. The name of the solar panel manufacturer conjures up more than the solar panel image above. Images of bankrupcy and poor investment decisions by the United States Deptartment of Energy (DOE) come to mind. According to an news report, those behind the scenes of clean energy investing estimate 80% of investors would have […]

We’ve got a great post today based on Friday’s story by Jeff Zimmerman, Teen’s Invention Boots Solar Panel Output 40 Percent, published on  Nineteen-year-old Princeton mechanical engineering student, Eden Full, is letting her passion interfere with her classes. Thanks to the $10,000 received from 2011 EcoLiving Student Leadership award, Eden put college on hold to finish her invention, the SunSaluter, a device […]

This September 14, 2011 Renewable Energy World story addresses Hawaii’s initiatives to transition away from petroleum reliance to biofuels. Because of the state’s remote location and isolation, the state’s energy is nearly 90% petroleum-based. Currently, Hawaii’s electricity rates are three times the US average, and twice that of the second most costliest state. Hawaii Renewable Energy Development […]

Science Daily’s article, “Transition to Renewable Energy Stimulates the Economy, German Researchers Say,” describes findings from several studies by Germany’s Fraunhofer Institute for Systems and Innovation Research, and Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation and Nuclear Safety. Question: Is a transition to renewable energies too expensive in today’s financial climate? Answer: The transition will […]










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