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Innovative solutions

We focus on innovation to maximize our flexibility, creating systems for continuous improvement of products and services. Through PAC’s vast technical and operational skills, strategically located workforce, and commitment to innovation, we provide worldwide support capabilities for our Australian, USA, and international clients and partners.

Aerospace Acquisition & Sustainment Services

PAC provides the critical support necessary to deliver and sustain operationally effective systems, with experience across all materiel life-cycle phases from concept to disposal. Using our unique combination of skills and experience—drawn from both operational and technical backgrounds—we develop solutions that meet complex needs in Commercial and Military environments.

  • Unique requirements implementation
  • Acquisition strategies and management support
  • Systems Engineering and Technical Assistance (SETA)
  • Acquisition strategies
  • Program management
  • Structural and mechanical design
  • Avionics and electronic systems
  • Integration, ground and flight test
  • Mission assurance
  • Certification and accreditation
  • I-level maintenance process and policy development
  • Industry-wide research and networking
  • International Security Cooperation (e.g. DCS, FMS, ITAR, AUKUS)


PAC’s information security team has many years of experience working in Defense security domains. This experience, coupled with an operational focus at the platform level, allows us to understand the delicate balance between system security and system functionality, establishing the most comprehensive and user-focused security solutions possible. This enabling force is woven into each of our core capability support areas.

Mission Systems

Since 2004 PAC has been supporting the operation and sustainment of complex mission systems for various platforms. Our expert and niche skills have been sought to support the systems that enable operational effectiveness.

  • Mission systems acquisition, sustainment and upgrades
  • Electronic Warfare support
  • Operational mission systems expertise
  • Information Security Policy interpretation & implementation
  • Accreditation of new and in-service operational systems
  • AN/ALQ-99 SME support across the US and Australia
  • Airworthiness and cybersecurity
  • Mission planning and support systems (e.g. JMPS, EKB) for various platforms
  • Airborne software support

Integrated Training Solutions

To support the challenges and broad interaction of training systems and simulation, PAC offers the following services:

Simulator Evaluation Courses: Our courses mirror the FAA simulator evaluation course and prepares the industry for FAA simulator qualification activities. Our courseware reflects AC 120-40B and incorporates the latest update to 14 CFR Part 60.

Test and Evaluation Program Management: Management of simulation, training systems and training networks development and testing. PAC ensures customer requirements are effectively managed throughout program development and during formal test events. This ensures the products are delivered to meet customer training needs.

Program and Fidelity Management: Simulation, training systems and training networks are designed to provide effective training in both the virtual and real world. Effective management of multiple, dissimilar systems within a broader eco- system is essential to ensure that training outcomes are achieved within prescribed time-frames and within resource constraints.

Advanced Synthetic Training Program: Support preparing warfighters for the high-end fight in a joint and coalition environment.

ALQ-99 Maintenance Instruction: Instruct US and Australian students at NAS Whidbey Island and FRC Northwest on ALQ-99 I-level repair and maintenance.


PAC is the authorized representative of GO2Altitude® products in the United States, leading sales activity, providing installation and integration support, and offering maintenance sustainment of GO2Altitude® hypoxia training systems to our US clients.

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