According to this AP via Yahoo News story, $1 billion ghost town is planned for a 15-square mile area in Lea County, near Hobbs, New Mexico. The goal is to provide a safe location for research projects for next-generation applications. Sam Cobb, Hobbs Mayor, said the research facility will look just like an empty city […]’s “Blue Creek Wind Farm Completed” story today says that Iberdrola has finished construction on this massive renewable energy project in Ohio. How massive? Iberdrola’s Blue Creek Wind Farm fact sheet lists the advertised wind energy capacity as 350 megawatts (MW) generated from 175 2.0 MW wind turbines. The CleanTechnica article states the actual capacity […]

The U.S. University of Maine’s Director of Advanced Structures and Composite Center, Dr. Habib Dagher, was interviewed on the most recent podcast of NPR’s Science Friday program. He talked about playing with models. Dr. Dagher leads the Deep Sea Wind Consortium, with goals of establishing 100 wind turbines, each as tall as the Washington Monument, […]

Outside Online magazine has a fascinating article on renewable energy and front-line fighting with the United States Marines. Back in 2003 during the second Iraq war in 2003, General James Mattis commanded the 1st Marine Division during their initial drive into Baghdad, and found his division repeatedly outpacing their own fuel resupply. They were required to reduce […]

The NY Times Green Blog reports: Almost 500 birds found dead at Laurel Mountain West Virginia wind farm. But not from what you think. Between Oct. 3 and Oct. 18, 484 bird carcasses were found from over twenty-eight species, including blackpoll warblers, thrushes, cuckoos, and one heron. The Laurel Mountain facility converts wind power between […]

Last December, published a “2010 Year In Ideas” feature, showcasing ideas that could become 2011’s next big thing. One of the coolest things was a turbine-free wind power invention by Professor Francis Moon of Cornell University. Professor Moon’s invention, called Vibro-Wind, captures wind energy from vibrations instead of spinning blades. His design makes use […]

The Reuters story, “Nevada’s First Windfarm May Be the Nation’s Largest,” describes a massive wind farm designated for Nevada. The wind farm is said to have the capacity to produce 990 megawatts. I find three surprising things in the article. First, that’s nearly 1 gigawatts of power from one wind farm! That’s the power output […]

This September 14, 2011 Renewable Energy World story addresses Hawaii’s initiatives to transition away from petroleum reliance to biofuels. Because of the state’s remote location and isolation, the state’s energy is nearly 90% petroleum-based. Currently, Hawaii’s electricity rates are three times the US average, and twice that of the second most costliest state. Hawaii Renewable Energy Development […]

A problem cannot be addressed until it is realized for what it is. People must be educated as to the existence of a problem, then to the severity of it. Until recently, I assumed the major complaint against wind farms to be the aesthetic – a new “eyesore” in the form of wind turbines lining […]

On Saturday, Aug 27, 2011, Britain’s The Telegraph published, “Military Radar deal paves way for more wind farms across Britain“. The story is not about wind energy-powered radar systems or a friendly collaboration between UK military and renewable energy companies. It is about wind technology companies eliminating Ministry of Defence opposition to new wind farms along Britain’s […]










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