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A greener budget, at least for now

According to today’s story posted on TheHill.com, President Obama’s Fiscal Year 2013 budget sent to US Congress today could contain his response to growing Republican attacks on the lack of green in this administration’s agenda.

Resources for US renewable energy and energy efficiency initiatives are increased by almost a third over current levels. The package also contains an 80% funding increase for what is called, “energy efficiency activities to improve the energy productivity and competitiveness of our industries and businesses.”

These increases are no doubt a part of President Obama’s mandate that 80% of US electricity will be produced from wind, solar, natural gas and nuclear energy by 2035. In addition, the budget provides for new programs to make solar energy cost-competitive, and to encourage innovative energy technologies within the US.

What is less enthusiastically supported in the budget is the Energy Department’s loan guarantee program. While continuing to review and approve loan proposals in 2013, the agency would do so at current funding levels.

Since the aim is for a more flexible and agile US military force, the proposal includes a funding decrease for all armed services, with several military programs eliminated. For a good breakdown on the affect the 2013 budget proposal will have on the US military by service, check out this Joint Chiefs of Staff story.

It will be interesting to see how the proposed budget changes as Congressional discussions and debates drive compromises.

How many of the above items will become political bargaining chips?

How many won’t?

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