AIR 7000 Strategic Support Partnership Contract Signed

TeamTridentPacific Aerospace Consulting, as a member of RubiKon’s Team Trident, is excited to announce that the AIR 7000 Strategic Support Partnership Contract has officially been signed by RubiKon and the Commonwealth. Under this contract, Team Trident will support AIR 7000 Phases 1 & 2 in the acquisition and introduction into service of the P-8A Poseidon and the MQ-4C Triton Unmanned Aerial System ISR capabilities.

RubiKon is the Prime Contractor leading Team Trident along with their Tier 1 partners QinetiQ, Nova and KPMG. PAC brings a strong Engineering capability to the team with a particular focus on Mission Systems, communications and data exchange. PAC will also be able to inject US specialists into the ISR Program Office and support Commonwealth activities in the US through our CONUS Bridge methodology.

We are looking forward to working in this vibrant, collaborative team to exceed the Commonwealth’s requirements and introduce the future of Australia’s Maritime Intelligence, Surveillance, Reconnaissance and Response capability.

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