PAC is an innovative, privately-owned company delivering high-impact operational capability to our Defence and commercial partners. Our trusted team of engineers, operational experts and technical specialists share a passion for the capabilities we support—always ready to go the extra mile to ensure mission success. We look for people who value integrity, flexibility and professionalism—these values […]

To plan for Solar Power Gen 2013 in San Diego, CA. It will be held 13-15 February, 2013. And I’m not talking only about registering to attend. Abstracts for papers can be submitted here until June 22, 2012.

According to this AP via Yahoo News story, $1 billion ghost town is planned for a 15-square mile area in Lea County, near Hobbs, New Mexico. The goal is to provide a safe location for research projects for next-generation applications. Sam Cobb, Hobbs Mayor, said the research facility will look just like an empty city […]

Well, not exactly. I know it was installed in 2010, and I know it’s really a JF Electric commercial, but it’s still cool to watch the installation of solar panels and inverters in this time-lapse video … [youtube=]

Where? I know. I’d never heard of Dhaubadi either. It’s a remote village in Nepal, one that I pictured looking something like this: It does. But it also looks like this: And this: The lifestyle of the Dhaubadi people just became a lot more like ours – in some ways, maybe even more advanced and convenient. […]

A story and short video from Huffington Post on the potential impact to new US EPA regulations as summarized in yesterday’s post: New EPA Regulations Force Closure of Coal-Fired Power Plants

The US Energy Department faces restructuring on the scale approaching the Department of Defense’s base realignment and closure efforts, according to this report.

Remember our blog post on the Solar Decathlon? If not, search for the post called, “Kids Today,” on our blog. It was posted on September 26, 2011. The short version: The Solar Decathlon is a United States Department of Energy-sponsored renewable energy endurance race for 20 college teams selected from around the world. The challenge for each […]

Australia makes history on carbon tax vote. The video of Prime Minister Julia Gillard’s announcement should start automatically from the above link… posted a story this morning about Cogenra Solar announcing plans to build a solar cogeneration array at Tucson’s University of Arizona (UA). Looks like UA will be the first United States university to benefit from solar cogeneration, which provides two sources of energy: heat and electric. College dormitories, and other facilities needing large amounts […]










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