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Introducing the GO2Altitude® Hypoxia Training System

GO2Altitude® training system provides world-class hypoxia awareness and recovery training in a hands-on, ground-based environment

Hypoxia continues to plague aviators around the world—whether they be private, commercial, or fast jet military. The underlying fact is that engineers and technicians will never be able to design out hypoxia or be able to assure aircrew that you won’t suffer a Physiological Event (PE) while airborne. Take the recent spate of US DoD PE’s—at one point they were the #1 priority for investigation and rectification for the department. After countless hours of investigation, analysis, lab, ground, and flight-test, and hundreds of millions of dollars spent across multiple agencies—including NASA—there is still no guarantee that the PE problem has been fixed. Sure, the rate of occurrence has greatly reduced, but the underlying approach going forward is to live with it. For this approach to work, aircrew must be trained to recognize their own personal symptoms.

In use with air forces, space agencies, and aviation institutes for over 15 years, the Go2Altitude® system is designed and built specifically to meet that training need. The GO2Altitude® system allows operational and training organizations to equip their aircrew with the ability to quickly recognize their specific symptoms in a safe and controlled environment—doing so in such a way that doesn’t interfere with other training outcomes.

Designed to be used in a classroom setting or integrated into a flying training device, GO2Altitude® is not encumbered with high-pressure gas bottles, dedicated chambers of any sort of specialized power requirements. The low maintenance technology included in the Go2Altitude® has been refined over many years and several iterations into a system that maximizes uptime while minimizing physical footprint and initial commissioning overhead.

Using GO2Altitude®  in support of Hypoxia Awareness Training (HAT) in a typical classroom setting
Using GO2Altitude®  for Hypoxia Recognition & Recovery Training (HRRT) In a Typical Tactical Operational Flight Trainer

Features include:

  • Normabaric training environment
  • No need to chambers
  • No high-pressure gas bottles
  • No specific power requirements
  • Low maintenance
  • 30 000′ simulated air density
  • Personalized post event reports
  • Classroom setting or integrates into simulator
  • Pre-programmed altitude profile
  • Real-time physiological monitoring
  • Portable or permanent installation
  • TRL-9
  • Programmable back pressure
  • Simulate specific T/M/S oxy system

The GO2Altitude® training system provides world-class hypoxia awareness and recovery training in a hands-on, ground-based environment. Equip your teams with the knowledge of their individual hypoxia symptoms. It may be the difference between making it back—or not.

As the distributor and in-country agent for the GO2Altitude® system, PAC will be attending and demonstrating the equipment at I/ITSEC 21 from 29 Nov–02 Dec in Orlando this year. If you would like additional information or to request a demo, please contact us at simulation@pacaerocon.com, or visit us at www.pacificaerospaceconsulting.com/hypoxia-training.

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