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Our 2021 Strategy and Vision

It’s been a busy time at PAC, as we reflect on last year’s achievements and set new goals for 2021. With COVID disrupting much of 2020, we’ve greatly missed opportunities to travel and gather together in person for team building events, meetings, and planning sessions. However, this new challenge also presented unique opportunities for flexibility and innovation, themes which we’ll certainly carry into 2021 and beyond.

Each year, in an effort to provide overarching clarity and focus to our team, PAC Executive Leadership reviews and endorses our purpose, vision and values for the upcoming year. This unified approach sets the standard for every interaction with our customers, partners, and vendors.

Our purpose and vision remains unchanged for 2021: to invest in and empower our team to deliver superior operational outcomes through trusted expertise and by fostering strategic relationships among all stakeholders. Simply put, we’re on a mission to be a trusted partner to everyone we work with, providing exceptional technical expertise and maximizing operational effect for the customer.

As PAC continues to strengthen our services, we’re proud to promote from within—utilizing the talent we have in-house, and empowering our team members to meet new challenges and opportunities.

This year we realigned our core capability teams under the leadership of Capability Directors. This change enables decision-making at different levels of the organization, so that we can be truly flexible and adapt quickly when change is required.

To support each core capability and associated business functions, PAC is appointing a Chief Executive Officer for the US and Australian Divisions (respectively) to ensure our internal and external engagement requirements meet the need of a growing team. Accordingly, we’re proud to share that:

  • Eric Rambow will remain PAC’s President/Global CEO, guiding the Australian and US Divisions in the execution of PAC’s strategy and vision.
  • Erika Wolff is PAC’s Global Chief Operating Officer, responsible for the administrative and operational functions of PAC, whilst ensuring maximum connectivity and effectiveness across both divisions;
  • Lacee Essex is our new Australian Division CEO, and John Sharkey is our new US Division CEO. While each responsible for the success of each division, John and Lacee will work collaboratively to ensure PAC continues providing seamless support across the globe.

With our realigned organizational structure, we will continue to serve our clients in our core capabilities, while aggressively expanding our current reach into new and challenging Commercial & Defense opportunities. We’re looking forward to these new challenges and opportunities, and congratulate the entire PAC team on the growth and success that made these developments possible!

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