PAC Attends IDLS 2019 Conference in Edinburgh, Scotland

Earlier this month, PAC personnel had the opportunity to travel to Edinburgh, Scotland for the International Data Link Symposium (IDLS) conference. The IDLS showcased various Tactical Data Link (TDL) educational and informational presentations from government and industry experts. There were comprehensive demonstration vignettes, vendor exhibitions and military equipment on display, which exhibited the latest advancements in their respective TDL capabilities.

Attending the IDLS conference afforded PAC personnel an opportunity to engage with their peers and various other government and industry TDL enthusiasts on a global level. As observed, the main theme of IDLS 2019 was to seek a culture of openness among data link experts, with those experts who are not directly related to their own field of expertise – ‘One fight One Team!’

PAC personnel attended a masterclass hosted by ViaSat, pertaining to MIDS-JTRS and BU2 upgrades. In the spirit of industry cooperation, vendors provided a comprehensive look forward to what the BU2 upgrades and JTRS brought to the table. The masterclass audience were mainly active duty personnel, who attended the masterclasses to discuss their experiences with the use of the MIDS terminals. PAC team members provided valuable guidance on certain topics, proving to have substantial expertise regarding the functional and operational aspect of the MIDS terminals and associated equipment.

All in all, PAC greatly valued the opportunity to participate in the IDLS conference, and we look forward to attending again in the future.

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