PAC Attends NAVAIR International Programs Sustainment Review

In March 2019, PAC personnel had the opportunity to meet in Nashville, Tennessee for the NAVAIR International Programs Sustainment Review (NIPSR). This event was attended by over 500 US Government civilian and military personnel, Industry partners, and foreign nationals. Keynote speakers included subject matter experts from NAVAIR, NIPO, and the Department of State, speaking on topics such as the NAVAIR contracts process, foreign disclosure, and the state of International Programs in 2019.

As a niche consulting company serving both US and partner nations, the NIPSR was a highly engaging conference for us to attend. Not only did we gain valuable insight into the current goings-on of various FMS and cooperative development programs, NIPSR was also an invaluable opportunity to connect. The conference was held at the Gaylord Grand Olde Opry hotel, an environment which fostered open, candid conversations and ample opportunities to discover ways to support our US and partner nation clients.

Of note, PAC particularly enjoyed attending the Small Business Innovation Forum. Led by representatives from the US DoD Office of Economic Adjustment, this panel was specifically geared towards helping small businesses, like PAC, learn how to do business with NAVAIR. We left with actionable takeaways and invaluable knowledge gained from this forum.

While the technical content of the meetings was highly relevant and engaging, we can’t help but acknowledge the value of gathering with like-minded professionals in the defense industry. Our community is diverse and spread all over the globe, and so it was refreshing to connect in person during the NIPSR.

All in all, the NIPSR was certainly one of the highlights of our spring, and we’re already looking forward to attending again in 2020!

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