PAC Team Assists in Achieving FOC Milestone for JP2089 PH2A Program

Despite its challenges, 2020 has been an exciting and productive year for the PAC team. Today, we are pleased to acknowledge declaration of Full Operational Capability (FOC) for JP2089 PH2A and recognize the accomplishments of our PAC team and Commonwealth partners.  

Since 2009, our team of hard-working and dedicated individuals have worked alongside the Commonwealth to facilitate the Initial Common Support Infrastructure’s (ICSI) move from merely a concept to Final Material Release (FMR), and Final Operating Capability (FOC). Previously a Project of Interest, this is a major achievement for JNT2089 PH2A and a proud moment for our team.

ICSI forms the backbone of the Australian Multi Tactical Data Link Network (MTN), allowing for a truly networked force. It is a critical component to both the Common Tactical and Common Operating Pictures of the Australian Defence Force (ADF). During the project’s lifetime, the support of PAC’s multi-disciplinary team has ensured a quality Network Management System for the ADF.

Major milestones include:

  • the installation of four operational Fixed Remote Systems (FRS) and three Management Systems (MS) around Australia,
  • the creation of up-to six Deployable System (DS) kits, allowing ADF members to conduct domestic and international network management operations, and
  • successful ICT remediation activities—an effort including the identification, scoping, design and implementation of multiple Engineering Change Proposals (ECPs) to meet evolving cyberworthiness directives.

As we reflect on this achievement, we are grateful for our committed professionals and their devotion to the ADF. Delivery of this capability was complex and will position the MTN for success in the future. While we’ve paused to reflect and celebrate, we are also looking towards the future. PAC specialists have mobilised to conduct a major technical refresh, which will allow for a more robust network management capability leading into sustainment.

We also acknowledge and show our gratitude to our MC2SPO and industry partner, Shoal Group Pty Ltd. The continued investment in Australian Industry Capability (AIC) allowed PAC to feel empowered and further develop its capabilities throughout service delivery. It is only through trust and collaboration that this significant milestone was achieved.

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