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PAC’s 2022 Strategy and Vision

Each November, PAC’s Executive Leadership Team reviews and endorses our purpose, vision and values for the upcoming year. This unified approach provides clarity and focus for our team, and sets the standard for every interaction with our clients, partners, sub-contractors and vendors.

We smashed our goals in 2021, with various commercial and government entities directly approaching us for support, and 28 highly qualified professionals joining the team. This reflects the maturation of our business and the tireless dedication of the team. We’re ready to leverage this success and explore new opportunities.

In 2022:

–  Our purpose is to invest in and empower our team to deliver superior operational outcomes

–  Our vision is to continually be the preferred specialist team for enhancing our clients’ Defence and Aerospace capabilities

–  We’ll achieve all of this through our vast technical and operational skills, strategically located workforce, and commitment to innovation

–  We’re committed to the following Quality Objectives:

  • 100% compliance with all security and export-related requirements. Security never takes a holiday, and it’s critical to the integrity of our services.
  • An employee retention rate of 75% or greater. We aim to attract and retain highly-qualified professionals, but we know that there isn’t a ‘one-size-fits-all’. Life is dynamic, and needs, wants, and goals shift.
  • A client satisfaction rating (via a survey) never lower than 85%, because we’re humans, and we don’t always get it right. When we know better, we do better. You can count on that.

We’ve welcomed COVID-19 as part of our new normal and are emphasizing innovation to maximise our flexibility. We are creating systems for continuous improvement of products, services and internal processes; exploiting successes; and creating a different tomorrow that makes obsolete even the most successful products or services of today.

We’ve charted the course for 2022—let’s get going!

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