Flexible self starters with specialized areas of expertise.

The PAC team is comprised of professional engineers, operators, and technical specialists in the fields of information and communications technology, aviation software and systems, and mission planning. 

At PAC, our people are the difference. We pride ourselves on seeking and retaining personnel at the top of their field, ensuring the highest level of service to our partners and the fleet. 

We value integrity, professionalism, and flexibility, and we infuse these values into everything we do. Read on to meet the team..


John sharkey

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Locations: Washington, D.C., Patuxent River, Dallas-Ft Worth, Ridgecrest, and San Diego.

Locations: Sydney, Canberra, Brisbane, Newcastle, Perth, and Nowra




Based in Dallas, TX, John leads the PAC USA team in delivering corporate outcomes within existing markets and corporate expansion into new markets. Before joining PAC, he was an Engineering Officer in the Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF) for 18 years, where he specialized in engineering design, logistics support, maintenance management, acquisition and certification of avionics, aircraft electrical systems and software and C4I infrastructure. During his RAAF career, John served overseas on two occasions, in technical specialist and liaison roles.

John holds Master’s Degrees in Aerospace Engineering and Engineering Management and a Bachelor’s Degree in Electrical Engineering. He is a Chartered Practicing Engineer in Australia and a member of the Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC).

Lacee brings over a decade of military acquisition and logistics experience—and a passion for strategic communication—to the PAC Australia team. Before joining PAC, she was a Program Manager at Naval Air Systems Command (NAVAIR), where she managed multidisciplinary teams of up to 400 personnel across multiple locations. Lacee oversees the management of high value Security Assistance projects while working with her team to ensure client outcomes are achieved successfully.

Based in Canberra, ACT, Lacee holds a Bachelor's Degree in Public Relations and a Level Two certification in Defence Acquisition Program Management. She is a graduate of the NAVAIR Journey Leadership Development Program and a member of the 2020 American Chamber of Commerce (AMCHAM) Academy for Global Leadership.

PAC is an independent services company, providing worldwide support capabilities for our Australian, US, and International partners. Comprised of two independent companies headquartered in both Australia and the US, PAC is uniquely positioned to offer collaborative, seamless support to clients around the globe

As a largely remote and virtual company, we have the flexibility to adapt to each client's unique requirements, offering virtual, embedded, and traditional office support configurations.

Simulation and Training System Services



To support the challenges and broad interaction of training systems and simulation, PAC offers the following services:

- Simulator Evaluation Course. This course mirrors the FAA sim eval course and prepares industry for FAA simulator qualification activities. The course is also applicable to Defence sites seeking to ensure simulators are managed in accordance with industry best practices.

- Test and Evaluation Program Management. Management of simulation, training systems and training networks development and testing is a complex activity. PAC ensures customer requirements are effectively managed throughout program development and during formal test events. This ensures the products delivered meet customer training needs.

- Program and Fidelity Management. Simulation, training systems and training networks are designed to provide effective training in both the virtual and real world. Effective management of multiple, dissimilar systems within a broader eco-system is essential to ensure that training outcomes are achieved within prescribed time-frames and within resource constraints. PAC offers an independent, solution agnostic service to manage integration, requirements, system deficiencies and ongoing operation of the broader system. 

Aus Div Tech Lead

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US Div Tech Lead



A critical pillar to our success, Mission Systems is the capability upon which PAC was founded in 2004. Since then, we’ve delivered superior acquisition outcomes and operational support to the MH-60R, F/A-18A/B, F/A-18F, EA-18G and KC-30A. Our team’s diversified Mission System expertise is truly ‘cradle-to-grave’ and spans across systems engineering & requirements development, technical regulatory and cyberworthiness accreditation, and hands-on technical support.

Our related Acquisition experience includes systems on MH-60R, F/A-18F, Triton, P-3, Tomahawk, Common Control Systems, and P-8. Our team conducts the certification and compliance finding activities required for introduction to service, and helps develop and articulate requirements to enhance the ADF mission planning capability. Our personnel understand the technical airworthiness process and are conversant with current MIL-STDS, STANAGS and DO standards.

We also provide Field Service Representation to ensure mission planning systems achieve readiness and capability targets. Our team have expert knowledge of Joint Mission Planning System (JMPS) and Electronic Flight Bag (EFB), ensuring that pre and post-flight data is managed effectively to support operational decision-making.

Key areas of expertise:
- Requirements Definition
- Administration of Windows-based Networks
- Software Development
- Data Management
- Test
- Certification 

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Mission Systems Tech Lead



Over the past 11 years, PAC has developed and matured its unique tactical data link capabilities to become a trusted partner to the Commonwealth of Australia. PAC staff are highly sought after and are able to provide support for the engineering development, T&E, acquisition and integration of digital communication products that enable fast, secure, and efficient communications across multiple platforms. Our ISREW capability continues to grow as we offer competitive and operationally focused solutions to our clients.

Our team supports the completion of modernisation studies for platforms requiring upgrade paths to meet National Directives, in support of Crypto Modernisation. We're able to employ subject matter experts in strategic locations across the world, to provide hands-on support to platforms, as well as provide Operational and Maintenance training on TIE and C2 systems
Specific technical expertise includes:
- Link 22
- Link 16 (MIDS LVT 1/11/12, JTIDS, STT)
- Link 11
- ANW2

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C4I Tech Lead


PAC provides critical engineering skills and through-life-cycle support of the acquisition, design, analysis, manufacturing, test, operations, sustainment, and disposal of aerospace systems to domestic and international, defense and commercial markets.

- Industry-wide research and networking
- Unique requirements implementation
- Aerospace business strategy and management support
- Systems engineering
- Program management
- Structural and mechanical design
- Avionics and electronic systems
- Integration, ground and flight test
- Mission assurance
- Certification and accreditation



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PAC is proud to deliver Information Superiority & Cyberworthiness as an enabler to our existing core capabilities. This means that systems are designed with cyberworthiness in mind, and accredited with minimal impact to operational tempo. Our team has over 20 years’ experience working in the Defence security domain, and a proven record of delivering accreditation to mission-critical systems.

Our experience in past and current operational environments gives PAC a unique understanding of the challenges facing Defence, including the need for the 

appropriate application of risk management and compliance activities. Our unique approach of pairing mission system Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) with security specialists ensures that compliance does not inhibit capability, and that a culture of security remains long-after initial accreditation.

Providing expert knowledge and leadership in this critical component of readiness, our services include:

- Helping organisations navigate the interpretation and implications of Government Information Security policies
- Conducting cyber risk assessments, and developing tailored procedures to treat identified risks
- Reviewing and developing System Security designs
- Preparing of the full suite of Information & Communication Technology (ICT) Accreditation documentation
- Advocating on behalf of organisations to Cyber Certification Authorities during accreditation and remediation activities
- Network Engineering & Administration










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