Two new renewable energy projects approved

Just another quick post from one of our Twitter feeds:

Associated Press (Matthew Daly) is reporting that the Obama administration is boosting renewable energy on both coasts, including projects on public lands in the West and offshore wind projects in the Atlantic Ocean.

US Dept. of Interior has approved two new projects, a 300-megawatt solar farm to be located southwest of Phoenix, Arizona, and a 200-megawatt wind farm in Southern California, east of San Diego.

The majority of the wind farm’s power would be produced on federal lands. These two new projects are the 24th and 25th renewable energy projects approved for public lands in the past two years.

Dept. of Interior Secretary, Ken Salazar, said, these projects will produce the equivalent clean energy of “nearly 18 coal-fired power plants”. He also called what’s happening, “nothing short of a renewable energy revolution”.

We’ll see…

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