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Why Test Non-Qualified Flight Simulation Training Devices?

Historically, there has been a significant focus on the testing and qualification of flight simulation training devices (FSTDs) in use by commercial aviation pilot training centers. This qualification process ensures training devices are suitable for use for specified training sequences.

What if your device is not used to provide training credits? What if your device is not subject to FAA regulations? Why would you formally test your device to those standards?

While FAA regulations (specifically 14 CFR part 60) provide a robust framework and guidance for assessment of FSTDs, they are not applicable for all use cases. Testing to, and abiding to the regulations, may also provide results that lead you to limiting use of your device when not warranted.

However, the intent of initial testing of FSTDs on installation or major upgrade, with an ongoing fidelity management program, is essential to effectively manage the performance and use of your device. Understanding CFR part 60 will allow you to structure your test and management programs to fully understand the capability – and deficiencies – of your FSTD, as well as verifying its ongoing performance.

PAC has extensive experience with the testing and fidelity management of commercial and military simulators. That experience has been built into our Advanced Methods of Simulation courses that can be customized to your use case.

If you would like to discuss fidelity management of FSTDs or any challenges you’re currently facing with your devices, get in touch with us via the Contact page!

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