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Pacific Aerospace Consulting recently attended the Flight Simulator Engineering & Maintenance Conference (FSEMC) in Miami, FL for the latest and greatest news in the Simulator training world!

Rear view of pilot and copilot flying comercial airplane. Interior of airplane cockpit. Instrument panels in pilot's cabin.

Pacific Aerospace Consulting recently attended the Flight Simulator Engineering & Maintenance Conference (FSEMC) in Miami, FL. The all-encompassing goal of FSEMC is to enhance the safety of operational efficiency of aviation worldwide through the dissemination of engineering, maintenance, and associated technical information, including the development of consensus standards. As PAC prides itself on its technical capabilities and expertise in flight simulation, we were happy to participate in the vast discussions on simulator engineering between users and manufacturers.

This year’s workshop discussions included Failure Analysis and Reliability Reporting, Training Center Operations – Challenges! And Data package support. The training center operational challenges spawned many further discussions and concerns for how training centers train their new technicians along with challenges to keep the current staff engaged and ways to avoid turnover. PAC has a huge interest in the training aspects of the simulation industry and is looking for ways to help the newer technicians and pilot inspectors to understand simulators, the rules that govern them, and how to better evaluate them.

Along with the numerous discussions of simulator issues, complaints and resolutions were several presentations including “Progress and Challenges of Simulated Air Traffic Control Environments” and “Logistical Challenges of Fleet Expansion and Sustainment”. Wednesday’s program had various presentations also, one concerning Stall and Buffet Modelling Support from Airbus created a lot of discussion. This topic is near and dear to operators as they work to ready their simulators for “Part 60 Change II” upgrades concerning stall and buffet requirements. The final day offered a presentation on Laser Based Projections Safety, which was helpful to understand better how they worked and safety precautions while using them. The final presentation concerning Visual Ground Segment – Myths and Truths was very insightful and helped to understand some of the misinformation concerning the beloved VGS.

As with all FSEMC conferences it’s a great time to discuss the various issues operators face, a time to learn more through presentations and best of all to enjoy some good times with people that you know and meet through this very niche industry. PAC incorporates the most up to date information into our very own Simulator Evaluation courses. If you are interested in learning more about our courses, we invite you to visit our Simulator services page HERE.

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