Pacific Aerospace Consulting (PAC) has a long and proud history of delivering core capability for its customers. Focusing on tech and cyber advances and noticing a gap in different industries where PAC could contribute the most in the cyber security market, the team used this opportunity to start its cybersecurity-focused capability: Information Security and Cyberworthiness (IS&C).

“We also noticed that many providers are good at identifying where systems are not meeting appropriate controls but need a bit more help to assist the customer with addressing security controls while keeping operationally focused”, explains Alan Stoneman, IS&C Technical Manager.

With over 30+ years of cyber security experience in the Defence industry, PAC’s IS&C team specialises in assisting customers with Certification and Accreditation requirements. This experience also gives IS&C the ability to translate government frameworks to help secure networks from all industries. PAC’s support extends to Infosec Registered Assessor Program (IRAP) Assessment; Design and Remediation; Security and Administrative Personnel; Education, Awareness and Training.

With a long list of customers, including numerous System Project Offices within the Australian Defence Force and Hensoldt Australia, IS&C has an ever-growing team eager to assist customers with securing their networks.

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