Partnership Will Enhance Simulator Qualification Training San Diego, CA – Pacific Aerospace Consulting Inc. (PAC) and Fiji Airways are pleased to announce the availability of Methods of Simulation courseware from Q1 2022. Based on Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Simulator Qualification Courseware, this course delves into regulatory requirements and expectations under the National Simulator Program (NSP) […]

GO2Altitude® training system provides world-class hypoxia awareness and recovery training in a hands-on, ground-based environment Hypoxia continues to plague aviators around the world—whether they be private, commercial, or fast jet military. The underlying fact is that engineers and technicians will never be able to design out hypoxia or be able to assure aircrew that you […]

By Kalohi Clark, Aviator and Senior Program Analyst This week, three years ago, I took off out of Naval Air Station Whidbey Island in one of the US Navy’s newest jets, the EA-18G Growler. Less than one minute into the flight we knew we had a serious problem–we were both experiencing hypoxia symptoms. The pilot […]

As aviators we take for granted that FAA regulations ensure safety of flight, so you might assume they apply to all Flight Simulation Training Devices (FSTDs)—both military and commercial. However, it’s not that simple. Device Qualification ensures FSTDs meet FAA standards, which ensure that FSTDs provide the fidelity required to maximize the value of an […]

As aviators, the risk of hypoxia is always present in the cockpit–regardless of whether you fly single-seat fast jets, transportation, or general aviation aircraft. Protection from the effects of hypoxia requires multiple controls, including well-maintained aircraft and flying at altitudes that don’t require supplemental oxygen. However, the single most effective defense against hypoxia is early […]

Historically, there has been a significant focus on the testing and qualification of flight simulation training devices (FSTDs) in use by commercial aviation pilot training centers. This qualification process ensures training devices are suitable for use for specified training sequences. What if your device is not used to provide training credits? What if your device […]

PAC is excited to announce the relaunch of our Methods of Simulation course suite, available early 2021! As simulation experts, we know firsthand how important it is to pass the National Simulator Program (NSP) qualification test successfully – and how devastating a failure could be. A qualified simulator is a vital component of any aviation […]

PAC is excited to announce our first course delivery in China. Class instruction was held in Tianjin (pronounced Tinjin) to over 30 students.

PAC is pleased to announce another successful delivery of our very own Advanced Methods Simulator Evaluation Course. This interactive course was delivered in January at Dallas.

PAC Advanced Methods Simulator Evaluation Course is set for 19-28 January, 2016 in Dallas, TX! Register Now!










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